Event 2 results

CategoryAthleteRace PositionPosition PointsBonus PointsTotal PointsRace TimePrevious BestImprovementAge Grade
Female SeniorAlex Baxter
Female SeniorAlice Purser9532483201:59:5502:05:250:05:3054.37%
Female SeniorAmanda Harrison
Female SeniorAmy Weeden6562532801:52:0501:53:030:00:5858.57%
Female SeniorAngela Adams
Female SeniorAnna Jordanous02:28:00
Female SeniorAntel Muller01:39:10
Female SeniorClara Carter
Female SeniorEdwina Townsend03:07:53
Female SeniorEmma Jane James02:15:07
Female SeniorHannah Blount
Female SeniorHayley Killick02:42:18
Female SeniorHeidi O'Neill
Female SeniorHelen Leaver13202293102:25:4202:32:060:06:2445.55%
Female SeniorKathie Powell02:37:28
Female SeniorKelly Foster01:43:45
Female SeniorLorraine Blackman02:31:49
Female SeniorMarie Debont-Booth02:06:07
Female SeniorRunner Sue
Female SeniorSam Riley
Female SeniorSarah Jane Harris02:14:17
Female SeniorSarah Palmer10072342702:02:5202:04:350:01:4354.02%
Female SeniorStacy Wilson02:57:32
Female SeniorTina Crittenden03:08:28
Female VetAlison Lovett
Female VetBeth Blakelock01:40:34
Female VetBridie Fry01:37:36
Female VetClair Williams02:14:36
Female VetClaire Earley02:36:09
Female VetClaire Peppiatt-Wildman02:00:49
Female VetClaire Rothery
Female VetHeather Ann Clark
Female VetHelen Gordon
Female VetHelen Marron132124103402:25:4302:37:020:11:1949.15%
Female VetJane Lenton
Female VetJoanne Briscoe02:28:50
Female VetJohanna Bridge
Female VetLisa Wild01:55:30
Female VetNicola Hills
Female VetNicola Scott Riches
Female VetRachael Mansfield02:20:23
Female VetSally Congram13502373002:30:3402:35:160:04:4248.10%
Female VetSamantha Mattingly02:01:08
Female VetSara Jayne Beaney02:55:28
Female VetSian Thomas12182502502:14:5951.50%
Female VetTracey Humphrey
Female Super VetCarina Down121725103502:14:5702:36:580:22:0159.18%
Female Super VetCathy Gee02:29:12
Female Super VetChristine Jones
Female Super VetIsabel de Vere
Female Super VetJenny Baldock01:55:53
Female Super VetKaren Illman13812302302:37:2702:36:4946.53%
Female Super VetKaren Lucien
Female Super VetLesley Doran13492483202:30:3302:36:230:05:5051.08%
Female Super VetLori Bennett-Horsfall
Female Super VetLouise Verleen
Female Super VetMandy Ellwood02:36:58
Female Super VetNicola Baldwin
Female Super VetSharon Boland02:34:07
Female Super VetSian Jones02:20:32
Female Super VetSusan Smith
Female Super VetZeldine Morris
Male SeniorAndy Holmes01:27:33
Male SeniorChris Harrison
Male SeniorChristopher Humphreys1362553001:32:3401:35:120:02:3863.09%
Male SeniorDan Gower-Smith02:11:58
Male SeniorGareth Lehane01:44:07
Male SeniorGraham Jenkins
Male SeniorGrant Miles-Wilson3612302301:43:0101:39:3256.67%
Male SeniorJames Barney2902402401:40:0058.38%
Male SeniorJordan Watts01:58:55
Male SeniorLee Mcaffee01:25:21
Male SeniorMatt Fenton01:35:45
Male SeniorMatt Sims02:28:50
Male SeniorMichael Small105221103102:05:4002:14:110:08:3146.46%
Male SeniorNathan Ruminski02:04:26
Male SeniorPaul Reast
Male SeniorPhil Gurnett
Male SeniorRichard Langford4312202201:44:5056.14%
Male SeniorRichard Townsend
Male SeniorRob Hellyer01:42:25
Male SeniorSam Norman02:48:29
Male SeniorSean Rodwell01:45:18
Male VetColin Carter
Male VetDaniel Marsden7711992801:54:1302:00:280:06:1553.77%
Male VetDarren Jarvis
Male VetDean Coleman
Male VetGary Smith02:11:50
Male VetJames Murrin1612593401:34:0701:40:070:06:0066.90%
Male VetJez Maytum4332102101:44:5101:36:5359.07%
Male VetJohn Allen11941701702:13:3802:02:5747.12%
Male VetJohn Lowin01:54:44
Male VetJon Moreton
Male VetMartyn Pymzola3652302301:42:4758.81%
Male VetNeil Harris2832402401:39:3301:36:5861.19%
Male VetNeil Hollands01:59:30
Male VetNick Baxter36622103201:42:5101:53:040:10:1358.01%
Male VetNick France6662002001:52:2257.48%
Male VetPaul Chapman
Male VetRoss Sandy8771801801:57:5501:55:2450.91%
Male VetRunner Ray01:26:37
Male VetStephen Crammond
Male Super VetAdrian Drew01:52:40
Male Super VetAlan Deville
Male Super VetAndrew Tondeur8652232501:56:3101:56:470:00:1657.93%
Male Super VetBrian Lees
Male Super VetChris Doran100121103102:02:3402:18:300:15:5655.58%
Male Super VetEddie Charlron6782302301:52:3901:46:5859.92%
Male Super VetIain Booth4222402401:44:3201:41:2462.32%
Male Super VetJason Mallion-Woods13192082802:25:4402:31:150:05:3145.49%
Male Super VetMick Miles02:16:07
Male Super VetNigel Moss02:01:29
Male Super VetPaul Heywood02:02:30
Male Super VetSimon Ellwood2542502501:38:3801:35:4367.83%
Male Super VetSingh DP
Male Super VetSymon Wildgoose01:57:12

Results table to date

Age CategoryAthletesCanterbury 10Tunbridge Wells HalfTotal points
Female SeniorAlex Baxter000
Female SeniorAlice Purser213253
Female SeniorAmanda Harrison000
Female SeniorAmy Weeden312859
Female SeniorAngela Adams000
Female SeniorAnna Jordanous000
Female SeniorAntel Muller000
Female SeniorClara Carter000
Female SeniorEdwina Townsend29029
Female SeniorEmma Jane James000
Female SeniorHannah Blount000
Female SeniorHayley Killick000
Female SeniorHeidi O'Neill23023
Female SeniorHelen Leaver203151
Female SeniorKathie Powell000
Female SeniorKelly Foster30030
Female SeniorLorraine Blackman000
Female SeniorMarie Debont-Booth000
Female SeniorRunner Sue000
Female SeniorSam Riley000
Female SeniorSarah Jane Harris000
Female SeniorSarah Palmer222749
Female SeniorStacy Wilson000
Female SeniorTina Crittenden18018
Female VetAlison Lovett000
Female VetBeth Blakelock000
Female VetBridie Fry25025
Female VetClair Williams24024
Female VetClaire Earley000
Female VetClaire Peppiatt-Wildman000
Female VetClaire Rothery000
Female VetHeather Ann Clark000
Female VetHelen Gordon000
Female VetHelen Marron283462
Female VetJane Lenton22022
Female VetJoanne Briscoe000
Female VetJohanna Bridge000
Female VetLisa Wild000
Female VetNicola Hills000
Female VetNicola Scott Riches000
Female VetRachael Mansfield19019
Female VetSally Congram203050
Female VetSamantha Mattingly000
Female VetSara Jayne Beaney000
Female VetSian Thomas232548
Female VetTracey Humphrey000
Female Super VetCarina Down343569
Female Super VetCathy Gee000
Female Super VetChristine Jones000
Female Super VetIsabel de Vere000
Female Super VetJenny Baldock000
Female Super VetKaren Illman292352
Female Super VetKaren Lucien000
Female Super VetLesley Doran323264
Female Super VetLori Bennett-Horsfall000
Female Super VetLouise Verleen000
Female Super VetMandy Ellwood000
Female Super VetNicola Baldwin000
Female Super VetSharon Boland000
Female Super VetSian Jones25025
Female Super VetSusan Smith000
Female Super VetZeldine Morris000
Male SeniorAndy Holmes29029
Male SeniorChris Harrison21021
Male SeniorChristopher Humphreys233053
Male SeniorDan Gower-Smith14014
Male SeniorGareth Lehane21021
Male SeniorGraham Jenkins000
Male SeniorGrant Miles-Wilson202343
Male SeniorJames Barney252449
Male SeniorJordan Watts19019
Male SeniorLee Mcaffee25025
Male SeniorMatt Fenton000
Male SeniorMatt Sims000
Male SeniorMichael Small153146
Male SeniorNathan Ruminski13013
Male SeniorPaul Reast000
Male SeniorPhil Gurnett000
Male SeniorRichard Langford162238
Male SeniorRichard Townsend12012
Male SeniorRob Hellyer17017
Male SeniorSam Norman000
Male SeniorSean Rodwell000
Male VetColin Carter000
Male VetDaniel Marsden182846
Male VetDarren Jarvis24024
Male VetDean Coleman16016
Male VetGary Smith15015
Male VetJames Murrin293463
Male VetJez Maytum232144
Male VetJohn Allen171734
Male VetJohn Lowin000
Male VetJon Moreton000
Male VetMartyn Pymzola222345
Male VetNeil Harris272451
Male VetNeil Hollands000
Male VetNick Baxter213253
Male VetNick France192039
Male VetPaul Chapman000
Male VetRoss Sandy201838
Male VetRunner Ray000
Male VetStephen Crammond000
Male Super VetAdrian Drew000
Male Super VetAlan Deville000
Male Super VetAndrew Tondeur262551
Male Super VetBrian Lees18018
Male Super VetChris Doran323163
Male Super VetEddie Charlron02323
Male Super VetIain Booth242448
Male Super VetJason Mallion-Woods242852
Male Super VetMick Miles31031
Male Super VetNigel Moss000
Male Super VetPaul Heywood000
Male Super VetSimon Ellwood252550
Male Super VetSingh DP000
Male Super VetSymon Wildgoose20020


How it works

Our Club Championships are an annual event, comprising 14 events;

3 at 5k,

4 at 10k,

3 at 10 miles,

3 at half marathon

and 1 at full marathon distance.



Points are scored in two ways;

firstly by finish position,

and secondly by earning bonus points if a personal best is achieved.


The three categories in this Club Championship comprise of;

Senior (up to 39 yrs. old)

Vets (40 – 49 yrs. old)

Supervets (50 yrs. +)


The category within which runner competes is decided for the year based on their age at the end of the Club Championships scoring year (mid November).




The first runner home in each division receives 25 points, the second 24 and so on down to 5 points for remaining runners.

All runners who complete a Club Championship event will receive at least 5 points.

Bonus points are awarded for setting a new personal best:


  • 3 points are awarded for beating a previous PB.
  • An extra point can be earned for each full minute under a previous PB, to a maximum award of 7 bonus points in a single event in each category.
  •  Marathon scoring will take any UKA qualifying Marathon in the months of April or May. Times will be accumulated and points given for quickest times. (it will be the responsibility of the runner the tell us of marathon event completed in qualifying months).
  • Only the runners best 12 events from the 14 available will be counted towards the Club Championships
  • As we are a fairly new Club, all personal bests times prior to the Club Championships commencing will be taken from the The Power of 10 and Run Britain Rankings sites. New PB’s from non-qualifying events will be continually updated but points will only be awarded if they are achieved at a Club Championship event.
  • Admissible times need to have been achieved in the last 2 years from commencement of Club Championships. New Members If a new member joins the Club after the Club Championships have commenced they will have to wait until next year to participate. New members can of course enter the events, but will not take part in this year’s Club Championships or be awarded points.



New Members

If a new member joins the Club after the Club Championships have commenced they will have to wait until next year to participate. New members can of course enter the events, but will not take part in this year’s Club Championships or be awarded points.