Event 4 Dartford Half Marathon

CategoryAthleteRace PositionPosition PointsBonus PointsTotal PointsRace TimePrevious BestImprovementAge Grade
Female SeniorChloe Harding6302502502:24:4102:07:4045.18%
Female SeniorEdwina Townsend7432402403:11:4703:07:5334.14%
Female VetCelia Mantle4032502502:02:3002:02:2757.85%
Female VetClair Williams4632442802:08:1402:10:000:01:4653.76%
Female VetHelen Marron6992202202:37:4202:25:4345.92%
Female VetWendy Regan5282302302:14:2702:10:5351.70%
Female Super VetCarina Down6782202202:32:1402:14:5753.15%
Female Super VetCathy Gee6532432702:28:2702:29:120:00:4561.75%
Female Super VetLesley Doran6752302302:31:3502:30:3351.37%
Female Super VetSian Jones5922502502:19:2702:14:4958.03%
Male SeniorChristopher Humphreys162502501:26:3801:25:1067.47%
Male SeniorDan Gower-Smith4642262802:08:1502:11:580:03:4345.89%
Male SeniorGareth Lehane1322452901:41:5001:44:070:02:1757.79%
Male SeniorJames Barney1682302301:44:5201:40:0055.67%
Male SeniorRichard Townsend51921103102:13:3802:27:070:13:2943.74%
Male VetGary Smith6012202202:20:1902:11:5044.14%
Male VetJames Murrin362402401:31:5701:31:2669.06%
Male VetJeff Regan7232102102:50:1737.29%
Male VetMartin King182502501:27:0401:23:5770.54%
Male VetMartyn Pymm372302301:32:1401:32:0266.05%
Male Super VetAdrian Drew2892402401:54:1901:52:4057.49%
Male Super VetAndrew Tondeur5302102102:14:2701:56:3150.66%
Male Super VetBrian Lees66120103002:29:3402:42:570:13:2346.38%
Male Super VetChris Doran5292202202:14:2102:02:3451.16%
Male Super VetJason Mallion-Woods7051801802:38:4902:22:5342.12%
Male Super VetMalcolm Simmons1602532801:45:0101:45:430:00:4263.13%
Male Super VetPeter Bradley6621901902:29:3802:08:4443.16%
Male Super VetSymon Wildgoose3502342701:58:2502:00:060:01:4155.50%

Results to date

Age CategoryAthletesGreat Lines parkrunCanterbury 10Deal Half MarathonDartford Half MarathonTotal points
Female SeniorCharlotte Carrier2500025
Female SeniorChloe Harding2724232599
Female SeniorEdwina Townsend182002462
Female SeniorEmma Bishop2400024
Female SeniorHelen Gower202332075
Female SeniorJess Lyons25024049
Female SeniorSarah Palmer242835087
Female SeniorSarah Willingham0220022
Female SeniorSophie Downham24310055
Female VetCelia Mantle25333025113
Female VetClair Williams232302874
Female VetHeidi O'Neill01923042
Female VetHelen Marron0002222
Female VetJane Jarvis2100021
Female VetJoanne Briscoe20180038
Female VetMarie Debont-Booth18210039
Female VetNicola Hills29340063
Female VetNicola Riches1400014
Female VetRachael Mansfield17170034
Female VetSamantha Roots0220022
Female VetSarah Simmonds2100021
Female VetSian Thomas1900019
Female VetStacy Wilson1600016
Female VetWendy Regan25292423101
Female Super VetCarina Down23002245
Female Super VetCathy Gee242402775
Female Super VetJane Rozee0310031
Female Super VetKaren Illman2000020
Female Super VetLesley Doran192302365
Female Super VetNicola Edwards2200022
Female Super VetSally Congram18220040
Female Super VetSian Jones25283325111
Female Super VetZeldine Morris2100021
Male SeniorChristopher Humphreys25252925104
Male SeniorConnor Mallion-Woods0021021
Male SeniorDan Gower-Smith1919202886
Male SeniorGareth Lehane232402976
Male SeniorJames Barney2222242391
Male SeniorKarl Grimble233033086
Male SeniorLee Mcaffee24230047
Male SeniorRichard Townsend212803180
Male SeniorThomas Divers02122043
Male VetAdrian Darr0022022
Male VetColin Morley22170039
Male VetDean Coleman0310031
Male VetGary Smith151802255
Male VetJames Murrin26282924107
Male VetJeff Regan202602167
Male VetJez Maytum22230045
Male VetMartin King250252575
Male VetMartyn Pymm24283323108
Male VetNick Baxter21220043
Male VetPaul Reast17190036
Male VetRoss Sandy192024063
Male VetScott Moreton2000020
Male Super VetAdrian Drew23002447
Male Super VetAndrew Tondeur0002121
Male Super VetBrian Lees213003081
Male Super VetChris Doran202102263
Male Super VetEddie Charlton19220041
Male Super VetIain Booth2200022
Male Super VetJason Mallion-Woods161801852
Male Super VetLes Taylor2900029
Male Super VetMalcolm Simmons24243228108
Male Super VetPeter Bradley221901960
Male Super VetSteve Button0250025
Male Super VetSymon Wildgoose213302781


AthletesCategoryparkrun10K10 MileHalf MarathonMarathon
Alice PurserFemale Senior00:24:2500:55:2201:30:2301:59:3204:38:09
Charlotte CarrierFemale Senior00:28:51
Chloe HardingFemale Senior00:27:0001:43:4802:07:40
Edwina TownsendFemale Senior00:32:5501:13:5602:07:3303:07:53
Emma BishopFemale Senior00:31:21
Helen GowerFemale Senior00:29:2901:14:1101:50:2202:36:2105:18:42
Jess LyonsFemale Senior00:24:2000:54:3301:59:16
Sam RileyFemale Senior00:30:4801:04:0501:50:38
Sarah PalmerFemale Senior00:24:2800:54:0801:29:4801:55:5104:30:34
Sarah WillinghamFemale Senior01:11:3602:05:4502:43:50
Sophie DownhamFemale Senior00:33:5701:34:4302:11:53
Suzanne WardFemale Senior01:34:1902:12:35
Bridie FryFemale Vet00:21:1700:43:2701:12:1701:37:3603:42:47
Celia MantleFemale Vet00:24:2500:54:0601:30:3602:02:27
Clair WilliamsFemale Vet00:25:1500:51:3301:24:4402:08:1404:37:02
Heidi O'NeillFemale Vet00:25:5900:59:5301:36:3602:23:31
Helen MarronFemale Vet00:28:3401:04:0401:49:0102:25:4305:42:45
Jane JarvisFemale Vet00:26:5700:58:5101:45:3202:18:4305:39:12
Joanne BriscoeFemale Vet00:27:3800:58:1301:37:4302:25:48
Marie Debont-BoothFemale Vet00:25:1101:02:2501:39:4102:06:07
Nicola HillsFemale Vet00:25:3001:08:1201:31:5202:40:49
Nicola RichesFemale Vet00:36:2001:17:49
Rachael MansfieldFemale Vet00:30:4201:09:5501:51:1602:42:37
Samantha RootsFemale Vet00:27:3500:52:1301:29:5602:01:0804:33:50
Sarah SimmondsFemale Vet00:39:33
Sian ThomasFemale Vet00:27:0900:56:4001:31:3002:14:59
Stacy WilsonFemale Vet00:30:3401:06:2101:51:2702:46:33
Wendy ReganFemale Vet00:27:5701:03:0001:40:2002:10:5305:18:37
Carina DownFemale Super Vet00:27:5901:01:4201:46:1502:14:5705:42:45
Cathy GeeFemale Super Vet00:28:4000:59:1201:50:1102:28:27
Jane RozeeFemale Super Vet00:37:4901:36:3602:20:12
Karen IllmanFemale Super Vet00:29:5301:04:3201:49:5102:36:4906:19:51
Lesley DoranFemale Super Vet00:28:3701:04:4201:49:4102:30:33
Nicola EdwardsFemale Super Vet00:29:3401:02:0702:04:1302:30:57
Sally CongramFemale Super Vet00:30:4701:06:3401:50:4202:30:34
Sian JonesFemale Super Vet00:27:0400:59:1801:39:4502:14:4905:19:22
Zeldine MorrisFemale Super Vet00:31:2901:08:54
Chris HarrisonMale Senior00:21:1000:47:1501:18:4801:54:55
Christopher HumphreysMale Senior00:18:0900:40:0101:04:2001:25:1003:16:38
Connor Mallion-WoodsMale Senior00:40:3401:05:4802:04:02
Dan Gower-SmithMale Senior00:25:4000:53:4201:36:2102:08:1506:23:33
Gareth LehaneMale Senior00:19:3600:42:1001:10:3801:41:5003:42:10
James BarneyMale Senior00:21:0400:43:2201:11:4701:40:00
Karl GrimbleMale Senior00:26:2701:01:3901:34:4402:02:28
Lee McaffeeMale Senior00:18:2100:36:4601:02:5501:25:2103:24:29
Nathan RuminskiMale Senior00:24:3700:51:5201:29:5102:04:2605:00:45
Richard TownsendMale Senior00:24:3800:54:1401:46:5802:13:38
Thomas DiversMale Senior00:50:4601:30:0101:56:0604:47:15
Adam ClayfieldMale Vet00:33:19
Adrian DarrMale Vet00:45:1601:14:2201:48:17
Colin MorleyMale Vet00:28:0201:09:0301:49:5002:35:31
Dean ColemanMale Vet00:21:4300:49:0401:24:44
Gary SmithMale Vet00:28:2000:55:1801:35:1902:11:5006:16:29
James MurrinMale Vet00:20:1000:42:1101:09:0401:31:2603:25:00
Jeff ReganMale Vet00:31:5401:17:1402:02:2102:50:17
Jez MaytumMale Vet00:19:4700:41:3201:12:2101:37:1603:37:10
John LowinMale Vet00:24:2000:47:4201:22:2901:54:44
Martin KingMale Vet00:17:3600:37:3801:23:5703:08:49
Martyn PymmMale Vet00:19:2700:43:4201:09:0901:32:02
Nick BaxterMale Vet00:20:3900:43:5501:13:5201:42:5103:46:17
Paul ReastMale Vet00:27:3800:57:0601:38:2602:26:37
Ross SandyMale Vet00:23:5400:49:5701:26:1601:55:0404:38:10
Scott MoretonMale Vet00:21:0000:43:2601:16:40
Adrian DrewMale Super Vet00:22:4800:50:0301:23:5401:52:4004:44:57
Andrew TondeurMale Super Vet00:22:5900:50:0701:30:0601:56:3104:51:01
Brian LeesMale Super Vet00:27:4301:05:5401:37:1302:29:34
Chris DoranMale Super Vet00:24:2600:55:0401:28:5602:02:3405:10:51
Eddie CharltonMale Super Vet00:23:3700:51:4801:27:1901:51:3404:11:23
Iain BoothMale Super Vet00:21:2100:44:3401:14:3701:41:24
Jason Mallion-WoodsMale Super Vet00:27:4501:02:3601:46:1602:22:5306:40:16
Les TaylorMale Super Vet00:22:3701:21:42
Malcolm SimmonsMale Super Vet00:21:4700:46:3801:15:5301:45:0104:03:29
Peter BradleyMale Super Vet00:26:3500:58:1401:37:2102:08:44
Steve ButtonMale Super Vet00:19:5500:40:3201:06:1301:29:5203:22:04
Symon WildgooseMale Super Vet00:23:5500:51:3301:26:1301:58:2505:17:14

How it works

Our Club Championships are an annual event, comprising 14 events which are a mix of 



10 miles,

half marathon

and full marathon distance.



Points are scored in two ways;

firstly by finish position,

and secondly by earning bonus points if a personal best is achieved.


The three categories in this Club Championship comprise of;

Senior (up to 39 yrs. old)

Vets (40 – 49 yrs. old)

Supervets (50 yrs. +)


The category within which runner competes is decided for the year based on their age at the end of the Club Championships scoring year (mid November).




The first runner home in each division receives 25 points, the second 24 and so on down to 5 points for remaining runners.

All runners who complete a Club Championship event will receive at least 5 points.

Bonus points are awarded for setting a new personal best:


  • 3 points are awarded for beating a previous PB.
  • An extra point can be earned for each full minute under a previous PB, to a maximum award of 7 bonus points in a single event in each category.
  • Marathon scoring will take any UKA qualifying Marathon in the months of April or May. Times will be accumulated and points given for quickest times. (it will be the responsibility of the runner the tell us of marathon event completed in qualifying months).
  • Only the runners best 10 events from the 14 available will be counted towards the Club Championships
  • As we are a fairly new Club, all personal bests times prior to the Club Championships commencing will be taken from the The Power of 10 and Run Britain Rankings sites. New PB’s from non-qualifying events will be continually updated but points will only be awarded if they are achieved at a Club Championship event.
  • Admissible times need to have been achieved in the last 2 years from commencement of Club Championships. New Members If a new member joins the Club after the Club Championships have commenced they will have to wait until next year to participate. New members can of course enter the events, but will not take part in this year’s Club Championships or be awarded points.



New Members

If a new member joins the Club after the Club Championships have commenced they will have to wait until next year to participate. New members can of course enter the events, but will not take part in this year’s Club Championships or be awarded points.