Canterbury 10 Results

CategoryAthleteRace PositionPosition PointsBonus PointsTotal PointsRace TimePrevious BestImprovementAge Grade
Female SeniorChloe Harding9322402401:36:4601:34:1351.22%
Female SeniorEdwina Townsend14512102102:35:5102:07:3331.89%
Female SeniorJess Lyons7142553001:29:2401:31:2700:02:0355.20%
Female SeniorKaren Cronin12912302301:53:1644.57%
Female SeniorSophie Downham14452202202:22:5402:11:5334.55%
Female VetAmanda Link3912502501:18:2068.47%
Female VetHelen Gower13852002002:03:1201:50:2241.19%
Female VetJane Jarvis12792202201:52:3401:45:3248.70%
Female VetKaren Gardiner12862142501:53:4001:55:1700:01:3747.18%
Female VetMaria Mahon11962302301:46:4401:46:0951.97%
Female VetWendy Regan10772402401:41:0901:40:1852.50%
Female Super VetAlison Collins12292002001:49:0701:47:4351.43%
Female Super VetCathy Gee12371932201:49:1801:50:1100:00:5364.43%
Female Super VetCharlotte Johnson13381801801:58:2601:55:5651.72%
Female Super VetJane Rozee14441601602:22:5102:20:1239.28%
Female Super VetJenny Baldock10792202201:41:4701:26:0462.62%
Female Super VetLesley Doran11782172801:45:2401:49:4100:04:1756.63%
Female Super VetLinda Bones9382302301:36:1901:31:5066.17%
Female Super VetSally Congram14461501502:22:5801:51:3139.25%
Female Super VetSamantha Roots8882402401:34:3801:31:0658.61%
Female Super VetSharon Boyle14161701702:08:5602:05:3554.61%
Female Super VetSusan Smith7122583301:28:5501:34:1400:05:1966.28%
Male SeniorHuw Griffiths4152402401:19:1056.63%
Male SeniorJames Barney3702502501:17:4101:11:4756.64%
Male SeniorKarl Grimble9342102101:36:5001:33:2145.46%
Male SeniorNathan Ruminski76723103301:30:2901:39:0700:08:3849.55%
Male SeniorRichard Townsend83722103201:33:0601:46:5800:13:5247.44%
Male VetDarren Jarvis12811801801:52:3701:22:3742.62%
Male VetGareth Dewdney8952072701:34:2401:39:0000:04:3650.85%
Male VetGary Smith12531901901:50:3401:36:0042.70%
Male VetGary Stacey8112202201:32:2749.85%
Male VetJeff Regan13421772401:58:0302:02:2100:04:1841.01%
Male VetJez Maytum2602302301:14:1401:12:2164.14%
Male VetMartin Venus13891601602:04:0938.03%
Male VetMartyn Pymm1102532801:08:0201:08:3200:00:3067.74%
Male VetMichael Harvey8392102101:32:5951.21%
Male VetPaul Chapman1342402401:09:1568.76%
Male Super VetAndrew Tondeur8632202201:33:0801:29:0855.74%
Male Super VetChris Doran11772002001:45:2201:28:5649.72%
Male Super VetEddie Charlton6392402401:27:0201:24:5859.65%
Male Super VetJason Mallion-Woods14391901902:21:4101:46:1635.98%
Male Super VetNigel Hidson11232102101:42:3201:40:5852.05%
Male Super VetPeter Klucznik5652573201:24:1601:28:4500:04:2957.93%
Male Super VetSymon Wildgoose8452302301:33:1301:26:1353.75%


Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon Results

CategoryAthleteRace PositionPosition PointsBonus PointsTotal PointsRace TimePrevious BestImprovementAge Grade
Female SeniorChloe Harding7872502502:07:2602:04:3351.39%
Female SeniorKaren Cronin9902402402:43:4640.73%
Female VetAmanda Link2422502501:42:5868.82%
Female VetNicola Hills9432302302:24:3702:10:2350.66%
Female VetWendy Regan8962402402:19:5702:14:2750.14%
Female Super VetAlison Collins95223103302:26:1102:35:2000:09:0950.72%
Female Super VetCharlotte Johnson9842102102:38:5150.94%
Female Super VetHelen Marron9832202202:38:4202:25:4346.17%
Female Super VetLesley Doran92324103402:22:1602:30:3300:08:1755.42%
Female Super VetSusan Smith6432502501:59:4165.06%
Male SeniorJames Barney2482502501:43:1901:40:0056.51%
Male SeniorNathan Ruminski8612402402:15:0843.92%
Male SeniorRichard Townsend9032302302:20:2602:13:3841.68%
Male VetGareth Dewdney75923103302:06:0502:13:3900:07:3450.36%
Male VetJeff Regan9912193002:43:5502:50:1700:06:2239.06%
Male VetMartyn Pymm822442801:30:5301:32:0200:01:0967.03%
Male VetNick Mulligan7972202202:09:4545.99%
Male VetPaul Chapman752502501:30:2969.59%
Male Super VetBrian Lees9652102102:29:1702:20:4546.90%
Male Super VetChris Doran9222302302:22:1502:02:3448.76%
Male Super VetEddie Charlton6242402401:58:5801:52:3957.78%
Male Super VetKen Rains2012553001:40:2601:42:3500:02:0972.40%
Male Super VetPeter Bradley9602202202:28:1102:08:4443.97%


We have now confirmed our list of the 14 events for our Club Championships which will begin on 1st January 2020.

For anyone new to the Championships the rules are simple! Points are scored in two ways. Firstly by finish position and secondly by earning bonus points if a personal best is achieved.

The 6 categories in the Club Championships comprise of the following age caregories for both female and male;

– Senior (up to 39 yrs. old)

– Vets (40 – 49 yrs. old)

– Supervets (50 yrs. +)

The category within which a runner competes is decided for the year based on their age at the end of the 2020 Club Championships scoring year (mid November).


– The first runner home in each category receives 25 points, the second 24 and so on down to 5 points for remaining runners. All runners who complete a Club Championship event will receive at least 5 points.

– 3 points are awarded for beating a previous PB.

– An extra point can be earned for each full minute under a previous PB, to a maximum award of 7 bonus points in a single event in each category.

– Marathon scoring will take any UKA qualifying Marathon in the months of January to October. If you want a Marathon distance to be included in your scoring then you must declare which Marathon you are racing by 29th February 2020. Times will be accumulated and the points awarded but the table not produced until the last declared Marathon has been run

– Only the runners best 10 events from the 14 available will be counted towards the Club Championships

– All personal bests times prior to the Club Championships commencing will be taken from the The Power of 10 and Run Britain Rankings sites. New PB’s from non-qualifying events will be continually updated but points will only be awarded if they are achieved at a Club Championship event.

– Admissible times need to have been achieved in the last 2 years from commencement of Club Championships.

Ross Sandy will be looking after the events and scoring this year using our Rebel software (kindly written by Simon Ellwood) and using Power of 10 data. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure Power of 10 data is correct and/or request any corrections.